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Forget Apple Pay: 4 Futuristic Innovations That Could Transform How You Spend Money

For decades, the global payments industry was rather boring – or, if you prefer, “stable and predictable.” Payment cards have been the default alternative to cash since 1950, when Diners Club introduced a small card – made out of cardboard – that let people pay for travel and entertainment expenses. By the 80s, payment cards had assumed their current form, function and ubiquity, and to this day, they dominate the...

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Two Countries, Two Approaches to Mobile Payments

Mobile payments have become the latest battleground in the ongoing struggle for market share between America’s retail and tech heavyweights. Check out the latest headlines: Apple vs Walmart: Mobile Payments Reveal A Clash Of Titans Twitter Launches Mobile Payments Before Facebook Google And Softcard Versus Apple Pay: Benefits Are Overstated There’s a reason why so many major players want a piece of the same pie. Though exact estimates vary, a large...

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Smartphones and Smart Finance

I appreciated this article from the Huffington Post, which went viral earlier this year, showing all of the tech products from a 1991 Radio Shack ad that have been replaced by a single phone. And while I realize that marveling at the functionality of smartphone apps has become something of a cliché, if you really want to be impressed, consider some of the amazing things that can (more…)

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The Problem with Prepaid

The use of prepaid debit cards is rapidly rising. Despite consumer advocates’ widespread concerns and the less than enthusiastic reception to a string of celebrity endorsements, more than ever, people are using reloadable prepaid debit cards for their financial needs. Consider the following: The amount of money added onto reloadable prepaid debit cards in the U.S. almost tripled from 2008 to 2012, rising to $76.7 billion, with the Mercator Advisory...

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Bread and Media Circuses

If you’ve been anywhere near a TV or computer in the past month, you’ve probably heard that Apple is getting into the payment business with the launch of Apple Pay. But though it generated far less buzz in the media, I’m far more interested in another iconic brand name who made a similar move last year. And I believe the implications, at least for low-income people (more…)

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