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An Optimistic Statistic that Could Unlock Greater Happiness for Millions of Americans

The following quotes were taken from a website where people can anonymously share their life experiences. Try to guess which experience they’re describing: “Every time I tell someone … they disappear from view and [I] never hear from them again.” “The one thing that bothers me the most is the lying and covering up I have to do.…I'm too embarrassed to tell my friends - but on the other hand I want...

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Raising the Stakes: Borrowing to Save

If you’ve ever had a hard time sticking to a diet, quitting a bad habit or finishing a project, you might recognize yourself in the scrolling list of user-submitted goals found on People have committed to losing weight, to spending more time with their families, to stop biting their nails, and to finish writing their novels. Ranging from mundane to poignant – and sometimes uncomfortably familiar – these resolutions...

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The Link Between Human Behavior and Poor Financial Decisions

Want some unexpected advice from iconic high-achievers like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama? Wear the same clothes each day. It turns out that Zuckerberg’s grey t-shirt, Obama’s highly predictable blue or grey suits, and Jobs’ iconic black turtleneck and jeans are about more than just branding or personal style. They represent strategic efforts to maximize mental bandwidth. As Obama put it, “I don't want to make decisions about...

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The Perils of Debt

When Americans hear the words “debt crisis,” they tend to think of public debt. With regular headlines and perpetual finger-pointing over which party or politician is responsible for it, America’s national debt is a well-known $18 trillion problem. However some analysts are more disturbed by a parallel debt crisis that often flies under the radar – the country’s spiraling household debt. The statistics are formidable. Americans have well over $11...

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To Spend, or Not to Spend

It may not be a popular sentiment during the holidays, but there’s a benefit to saving more and spending less any time of year. Having savings reduces stress, providing a cushion when emergency expenses arise. And due to the power of compound interest, saving even modest amounts over the course of one’s working life can lead to a retirement that is more comfortable. Furthermore, surveys have found a link between...

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