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4 Ways Banks Can Win Back Millennials (and the rest of us)

Newsflash: Millennials don’t like banks. And everyone in the banking industry needs to take at look at Viacom’s recent Millennial Disruption Index. The company surveyed over 10,000 U.S. Millennials about 73 companies spanning 15 industries, to determine which industries are ripe for disruptive change. Here’s what Millennials said: In five years, roughly 70% of Millennials expect to be accessing their money and making payments in a totally different way. 73%...

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Socially Conscious Banking

Alerting all banks! Last month, Cisco released a global customer survey revealing some alarming news for banks. In the 12 countries surveyed, nearly one in four bank customers intend to choose another provider for their next financial product or service. And four out of five would trust a non-bank to handle their banking needs. But perhaps the most noteworthy finding was this: almost 30 percent of bank customers do not...

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ROSCAs On The Rise

They’ve gotten glowing coverage in the financial inclusion press. They’ve been featured twice in the New York Times in the past two months. They’re the subject of prominent research projects and a new book by a microfinance pioneer. It’s fair to say that savings groups, often called Rotating Savings and Credit Associations (ROSCAs), are “having a moment.” Yet in spite of this momentum, many people – in the developed world...

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