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Eyestrain in the digital age? A smart diet can protect your vision

Bad news – light can hurt you. If you’ve ever been sunburned, you know this for a fact – ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun can burn your skin if you don’t protect yourself with sunscreen. Research has shown that overexposure to the high-energy visible blue light can, indeed, damage our skin. But what about the other organ that comes into frequent contact with light? What about the eye? The eye is...

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3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Natural Flavors

There is very little difference between natural and artificial flavors. “Natural Flavors” only mean 80% natural, and they are not better for you. Natural flavors can be added to food without being confirmed as safe — so there is no way to know how in the long run they will affect you. Natural flavors are added so that people become addicted to the processed food, buy more of it, and...

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Sorry Millennials, TOMS Shoes Won’t Change the World

TOMS Shoes may be the quintessential Millennial company. Granted, it's not a Silicon Valley app maker, but it hits all the other Generation Y sweet spots: Hip, young CEO? Check. Participatory, social media-driven marketing? Check. Trendy, eco-friendly products? Check and check. A conspicuous focus on social responsibility? Big check. It's the latter point that has driven the company's success. TOMS Shoes' social element isn't just window dressing, it's the heart...

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